Massage Therapy isn’t just something you sign up for on deluxe vacations. Nor is it something reserved strictly as a pain treatment. Having Massage Therapy treatments can improve your everyday life and provide health benefits for various conditions and concerns. 

What Does A Massage Therapist Do?

A Massage Therapist is trained to work through muscle groups for pain treatment and improve general wellbeing. When you meet a Massage Therapist for the first time, they typically have a form for you to fill in that gives information about your health history, if you’ve received any pain treatments before, the reason for your appointment and some quick facts about your lifestyle. If it is your first time visiting a Massage Therapist, they will let you know what to expect during the session. Based on the information you’ve given them, they will tell you which muscle areas are the targets of the session. Before the massage begins, your Massage Therapist will ask if you have any allergies to oils. Before they excuse themselves from the massage room, they will ask you to take off your clothes (excluding underwear) to whatever extent you are comfortable with, and ask that you lie under the covers on the massage table.

What Will Treatments Do For Me?

Massage Therapy is largely used as a pain treatment for muscles in the lower back and neck. It is also shown in pop culture as a way that people pamper and relax on a spa day. But there are other benefits of Massage Therapy that go beyond pain treatment and pampering. Massage Therapy can lead to an overall healthier life by improving reoccurring problems such as stress, poor circulation, inflammation and rehabilitation.

Massage Therapy for Stress, Anxiety Relief and Depression

Management Continual stress or general anxiety can create extra tension in your body. Being treated with Massage Therapy not only releases the extra tension, but it also provides a time period of relaxation. As a patient, all you need to do is lay on the massage table, take deep breaths and enjoy the treatment. Often, Massage Therapists will use soothing background music and massage oils that are meant to help calm and relax the patient. This break from everyday life provides stress relief and anxiety relief, even if it just temporary. It will help clear your mind, slow down your processes and keep you focused on the movement. Massage Therapy also releases serotonin, a neurochemical transmitter that is partially responsible for stabilizing moods and reducing pain. If you suffer from depression in any form, a massage can help get serotonin flowing through your body for emotional benefits.

Massage Therapy for Increased Circulation and Lower Blood Pressure

By working through muscle groups and creating less tension, Massage Therapists can provide patients with an increased blood flow through the body. Fluid retention, cold extremities and tight muscles can be a sign of too much lactic acid in the body, and a decrease in blood flow. Lactic acid builds up after intense exercise because of the increased need for oxygen flow through the blood vessels. But it can also build up with conditions like heart failure, sepsis and diabetes where blood doesn’t flow as easily through passageways. The way to break down lactic acid is to push blood through passages and increase the overall circulation of oxygen throughout the body. Massage Therapists will use movements of squeezing and pushing to send blood flowing through the body more steadily. The movements allow oxygen to reach muscles, which makes any damaged muscle groups repair rapidly. Massages can even help lower blood pressure because of the overall increase in blood flow. It is worth considering Massage Therapy for blood pressure treatment.

Massage Therapy for Rehabilitation from Sports Injuries or Accidents

Athletes tend to overuse and overwork muscle groups. No matter the sport, there also is a risk of injury, which can not only damage the muscle but also reduce flexibility. A Massage Therapist will work to break down any scar tissue that remains around injury areas. This also helps the patient increase flexibility levels that may have been disadvantaged from the injury. Those who have also been through surgeries to repair injuries can benefit from Massage Therapy in a similar way. A Massage Therapist will provide pain treatment to relax the muscles around the surgery area and bring back blood flow to areas that need it to heal and repair. Massage Therapists will take into consideration how long it has been since surgery to determine how heavily to massage. Accident patients can also benefit from a massage. For those who have whiplash, muscle strain or stress headaches, booking a Massage Therapy appointment can help you heal and get you back into your daily routine.

Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Those who suffer from Chronic Pain Illnesses or Inflammatory Diseases can find relief in Massage Therapy. It can be used as a pain treatment that helps release more serotonin, which transmits neurochemical messages through major parts of your body. Serotonin levels can affect your digestive tract, blood flow and brain function, and most recently has been discovered as a chemical that can help control pain in the body. A Massage Therapist will help the body in the production of serotonin. Chronic pain areas and inflamed joints will see the results. Those who suffer from Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Fibromyalgia and Gout (just to name a few) will feel a decrease in pain as a benefit from a single massage, but even more so if they continue with treatments on a regular basis. Additionally, if you suffer from stress that causes chronic joint pain such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint), a massage will not only loosen the muscles around the jaw but also produce serotonin to help the existing pain.

Get a Massage Therapy Consultation

If you think you are someone who can benefit from Massage Therapy for pain treatment and additional health concerns, please book a consultation and appointment with Absolute Rehab Centre. Our team is here to improve your overall wellbeing and provide physical rehabilitation to get you back to living life to the fullest. Our Massage Therapists have taken accredited programs and are consistently upgrading their knowledge through courses and education. Massage Therapy Sessions can be booked for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 or 90 minutes. Prices vary depending on the length of time. Come in and see how we can provide pain treatment and additional health benefits for your body.