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Pilates is an age-old therapy technique based on the relationship between your body and mind to improve your flexibility, alignment, strength, and overall health.

What is Pilates?

Over the past 20 years a growing number of scientific literatures has provided evidence that Pilates can reduce pain, improve functional movement, improve posture, fine tune trunk mobility and lower limb muscle pain, and increase flexibility.

At Livewell Health and Physiotherapy you will work with Heidi in our custom Core Rehab Program combining the biomechanics of the body and basic principle of Pilates for a whole integrated approach to moving the body. It focuses on proper breathing, controlled mobility, spinal and pelvic alignment, and concentration of movements. It is a slow-paced program to restore optimal neuromuscular movement, develop muscle imbalance and optimize joint range of motion.



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Patients looking for private and group Pilates sessions come to LiveWell Health and Physiotherapy Waterloo because of our holistic approach. Our certified instructors focus on the relation between body and mind to improve your overall health. 

How Can Pilates Help Me?

Our Waterloo Pilates practice and methodology break your muscles down into two groups, the inner unit and the outer unit. The inner unit is your base and when activated, allows the muscles that move your body, your outer unit, to move more effectively. Think of your inner unit as your body’s message centre that allows the rest of your body to move optimally and with ease. Below are just a few of the many benefits you can experience with regular Pilates sessions at one of our clinics.

 Provide a refreshing mind-body workout

 Reduce general aches and pains

 Build strong, long, and lean muscles

 Improve flexibility and mobility

 Develop a strong core and better balance

 Evenly condition your body

 Assist with injury rehab and prevent future injuries

 Increase bodily awareness


The LiveWell Approach

Our Waterloo Pilates instructors are trained and certified to help you reconnect with your body and mind. We do not take the responsibility of teaching Pilates lightly and are always working to improve our methods. We are passionate about helping people meet their goals and working through their pain to live and love life with a fluidity they’ve never felt before. We’re excited to help you get started or continue your Pilates journey!

Meet the LiveWell Team

LiveWell Pilates Sessions

At LiveWell Health & Physiotherapy Waterloo, we approach Pilates with a focus on the science connecting your mind and body so that we can work with you to break old movement patterns and habits. This change will allow you to move more freely and without pain. This comprehensive approach will focus on posture, core control, movement of the spine in all four directions (flexion, extension, lateral, rotation), joint mobility, and muscular flexibility.

Our LiveWell Health & Physiotherapy Waterloo clinic offer Pilates in private and group sessions. Private sessions are a great way to introduce you to the world of Pilates and teach you how to move optimally and work on your core strength. Group classes are an excellent way to maintain your gains from private sessions in a small group setting. They are also a unique way to work out with a friend or two. Please note that we have a cancellation policy for our Pilates sessions. We ask that your give us at least 24-hour notice to cancel private sessions and 12-hour notice to cancel group classes.


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