Ola Symczak

Operations Manager

Ola has had a passion for business for most of her life, and with the eagerness to learn more, she chose to study Marketing at Conestoga College. Through her education, she met the amazing owners of LiveWell Health and Physiotherapy, Greg and Dr. White, and while working with them throughout her studies, she quickly knew she would want to be apart of their team when she finished school. 
Currently working as LiveWell’s Operations Manager, Ola spends her days ensuring that the clinic is running to the best of its ability and strives to help create a comfortable environment for the amazing patients and employees / practitioners at each clinic. 
In her spare time, Ola loves to travel, go on adventures to nearby cities, and is always on the hunt for delicious food. With the help of patients and our amazing staff, Ola has been able to create a list of the “Go-To” restaurants around Kitchener Waterloo!