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Sometimes we hurt. It can be a small ache, or debilitating pain.
As a massage therapist, I have been on both sides of pain, both experiencing and
working to help ameliorate the pain and discomfort experienced by my patients.
Thankfully, through my learning and experience I have honed my skills and
developed techniques that have proven effective in assisting the body to heal itself,
because it’s really the body that does the healing.
I truly take immense pride in my work, and I experience great satisfaction and joy
from getting to help people find their way free of pain, or stiffness, and get back to
living their best life.
I am also lucky to have another job teaching in the massage therapy program at
Trios College in Kitchener. I really enjoy sharing my expertise with the next
generation of massage therapists. It’s a challenging program, and I am happy to
help guide the students through subjects like neurology, and endocrinology, as well
as supervise them in their student clinic where they get to practice their skills on
members of the public. This affords me not only the opportunity to help them, but it
has helped and continues to help make me a better massage therapist.
In my off time I enjoy playing guitar, which is a throwback to my former career of
being a professional musician/performer. I also love to read, and I have a secret
desire to write a book some day. I like to watch movies too, but my absolute
favourite thing is to spend time with my dog Ripley. No matter what kind of mood
I’m in the little goofball can always brighten my day and make me smile.
I’d love to see anyone come in to the clinic for a massage therapy treatment, and I
would welcome the opportunity to use the skills I have developed over the last
decade as a massage therapist to do my best to help. I take the trust engendered in
me by my patients very seriously, and am grateful for any opportunity given to me
to try to improve their lives in whatever small way I can.
I hope to see you soon.
Michael Carlson RMT

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