Kitchener Pilates

Pilates is an age-old therapy technique focused on the relation between body and mind. It focuses on strengthening core muscles and encourages proper movement patterns. Throughout your Pilates journey, we’ll aim to help you enjoy life more freely through movement and focus on breaking bad habits.


Our comprehensive approach focuses on the difference between an Imprinted Spine and a Neutral Spine and will teach you techniques and exercises designed to maintain a Neutral Spine and proper body alignment.


Throughout your Pilates journey you can expect to learn about:

  • Posture
  • Core control
  • Movement of the spine in all four directions (flexion, extension, lateral, rotation)
  • Joint mobility
  • Muscular flexibility

And aside from learning the optimal patterns of movement, Pilates will also:

  • Provide you with a refreshing mind-body workout
  • Help you build long, lean muscles
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Help you develop a strong core
  • Evenly-condition your body
  • Assist you with injury rehab and help prevent future injuries

We offer private and group sessions. Private sessions are a great way to introduce you to the world of Pilates and teach you how to move optimally and work on your core strength. Group classes are an excellent way to maintain your gains from private sessions in a small group setting. They are also a unique way to work out with a friend or two. 


Cancellation policies 

24-hour notice to cancel private sessions 

12-hour notice to cancel group classes 

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