Kitchener Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy focuses on the movement of the body and helps patients at any age to redevelop muscle strength, and gain back muscle function. Patients seeking Physiotherapy in Kitchener come to Livewell Health and Physiotherapy because of our holistic approach. Not only do we want to help patients get their muscles moving in optimal form, but we also want to empower them with exercises and techniques to improve their lifestyles and overall muscle health.

Our Physiotherapists are fully educated to assess and treat conditions that affect the respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems. Our practice takes a patient-centric approach. Your Physiotherapist will create an individualized treatment plan that will facilitate a positive and healing focused environment. The Kitchener Physiotherapy team offers exclusive one-on-one appointments, including personalized assessments and 40-60 minute treatments. As we gather information about your medical history and examine how your muscles move, we can effectively diagnose and establish methods for managing your pain. We greatly believe in open communication between your family doctor, health care practitioners and our team to ensure you have a positive continuum of care between all parties.

Who Can Benefit from Physiotherapy?

Oftentimes, patients come in seeking Physiotherapy in Kitchener due to a recent injury that they would like to recover from, but we also see patients who are dealing with chronic illnesses and health conditions, and those recovering from surgeries.

Our practice sees the benefits of Physiotherapy for patients at any age and for a variety of circumstances. Movement is something that is universal to our bodies, whether we have limited movements due to age and chronic conditions, or we keep our muscles moving as top-athletes. The goal of Physiotherapy is to help a person gain the benefits of an improved range of motion and strengthened muscles.  Physiotherapy is beneficial for:

  • Athletes who need to remain in their best form
  • Post-surgery or post-injury therapy
  • Children and adults with Muscular Myopathy
  • Pediatric conditions including developmental delays
  • Elderly patients wanting to keep their mobility
  • Chronic muscle conditions and illnesses
  • Decreased mobility from neurological disorders
  • Pre-natal and Post-Natal care
  • Reproductive system and pelvic floor health issues
  • Anyone who wants to improve their muscle movements
Physiotherapy for the Elderly

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Physiotherapy?

Because almost everyone can benefit from Physiotherapy, you may be more curious as to what specific conditions can be treated with Physiotherapy. Here’s a sample list of just some of the conditions our Kitchener Physiotherapists, treat:

  • Repetitive Muscle Strains and Sprains
  • Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation
  • Nerve compression and Tendonitis
  • Post-Fracture conditions
  • Arthritic conditions such as Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Parkinson’s Disease or conditions that affect the spine and brain function
  • Pre-Natal and Post-Natal health concerns  
  • Pelvic Floor Weakness and Incontinence
  • Cardiorespiratory conditions such as Asthma, Congestive Heart Failure and Emphysema
Physiotherapy for the Neck

Book Your Physiotherapy Appointment with Our Kitchener Physiotherapy Team 

Start the process of healing and book a Physiotherapy assessment with our team.

During your initial assessment, we need to develop an understanding of your body and may ask questions about your medical history. Once we have gathered these details, we can begin testing your muscle movements and range of motion. This, in addition to your medical history, helps our Physiotherapists determine what muscles need the most attention and what can be done to help your body move in its best form. 


Physiotherapy Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Treating your carpal tunnel syndrome early with physiotherapy and lifestyle changes can lead to significant long-term improvement.