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At a young age, I was diagnosed with Asthma and allergies and was prescribed the “proper” medication at the time. This included two allergy shots per week, 3 allergy pills per day and a Ventolin inhaler to combat my asthma. As time went on I started to experience terrible stomach pains and eye irritations, which led to more eye drops and a steady dose of Pepto-Bismol. 

One day I injured my lower back at work and went to visit a chiropractor. As he took my health history and learned a little about me he said something that I’ll never forget: “Do you think the cause of your allergies, asthma and stomach problems are due to a lack of medicine in your body?”

I’ll never forget that moment because it completely changed the way I looked at health. I then realized that my health was up to me and not dependent on anything else. The chiropractor went on to explain that he would align my spine so that my nervous system would be functioning properly, but it was also up to me to get proper rest, exercise and nutrition if I wanted to be functioning at 100%.

I realize now that health is about being proactive instead of reactive and that we have an amazing healthcare system that can help us through the tough times but we cannot rely on it to make us healthy. Health comes from within and it is up to us to take care of our own bodies. Needless to say with regular chiropractic adjustments, proper rest and exercise, my lower back pain has disappeared and I haven’t had the need to take any pharmaceutical medication in 15 years (knock on wood).

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