Physiotherapy in Baden

Physiotherapists have an advanced understanding of how the body moves, what keeps it moving well and how to restore mobility.  Physiotherapists are skilled in the assessment and management of a broad range of conditions that affect the musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems.

Some of the ways physiotherapy can help:

  • Address physical challenges associated with back pain, arthritis, repetitive strain injury, etc.
  • Attend to sports injuries and provide advice on prevention and recurrence
  • Direct care for children with paediatric conditions such as developmental delay, fractures and cardiorespiratory conditions
  • Get you back on your feet after surgery
  • Help you manage the physical complications of cancer and its treatment
  • Maximize your mobility if you have a neurological disorder such as stroke, spinal cord injury or Parkinsons disease
  • Provide pre- and post-natal care and attend to other women's health conditions
  • Treat neck and back pain and other joint injuries
  • Work with you to treat and manage respiratory and cardiac conditions

6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Physiotherapy

Many people know the basics about Physiotherapy, but both professionals and patients still have a lot to learn about this practice.