Baden Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot Stone may be the most relaxing Massage Therapy treatment you will experience. Basalt Lava Stones are immersed in very warm water and placed on specific points on your body. Your RMT will use the stones as heated tools in their hands to massage away areas of tightness and tension in muscles, fascia and discomfort within joints, decreasing pain and augmenting function. 

Hot stone therapy decreases stress by overriding the fight or flight response we experience daily‎. 

Fun Fact: Hot stone has been remembered for thousands of years in practices in indigenous cultures in various parts of the world‎. 

In order to ensure the best treatment, please complete a thorough initial health history form. 

75 and 90-minute appointments available.

Rejuvenate you this season!

Everything You Need to Know About Hot Stone Massage Therapy

In this article, we’ll discuss everything from what a hot stone massage is and what to expect to the benefits of a hot stone massage and