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Pilates is my anchor. Being a busy mom, it is the one thing that allows me to ground myself in this chaos we call life. I started my Pilates journey 11 years ago at Absolute Rehab. In 2009 I was hit by a snowboarder and the accident left me in a lot of pain and my neck and shoulders were extremely weak. While at first skeptical, I started doing Pilates twice a week and I saw immediate results and my pain decreased significantly. Health and wellness have always been a huge part of my life, but nothing other than Pilates has provided me with a way to connect to my body and build functional strength that serves me on a daily basis.

As a movement educator, I am passionate about helping people meet their goals but mainly I want to help people work through their pain and live and love life with a fluidity they’ve never felt before. Teaching is a huge responsibility and I am happiest when a client comes in and says “I was able to get out of bed without pain today.” It makes my heart happy when people have that AHA moment. That moment when they learn to move their body optimally and it all starts to make sense…that’s when the sky is the limit.


Body Harmonics – Mat certification

Body Harmonics – Reformer certification

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