Livewell Health & Physiotherapy 2018 News Lookback

Livewell Health & Physiotherapy 2018 News Look Back

Every (almost) month, we publish a new blog article focused on different health and wellness topics. From the benefits of certain therapy methods for people with specific conditions to simple tips and tricks for making daily tasks simpler and safer, we've covered it all over the last 12 months. So as 2018 comes to an end, we wanted to take the opportunity to reflect not only on the things we've achieved over the last 365 days but also to reflect on each news article we've shared. Continue reading below for a list of this year's blog articles along with a brief recap and a link to each one if you'd like to read the full article.

February 2018: Physiotherapy and Walking Outside in the Winter

Even though you may think that walking is walking, the truth is, walking outdoors requires our body to move and work in a way that it may not be used to. The ground is typically uneven and can often lead to slips and trips that cause our body to bend in ways we didn’t know were possible. February’s blog post highlighted these dangers as well as how Physiotherapy can be used to treat many of the minor and major injuries that can occur in the winter.

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March 2018: Dehydration and What It Does To Your Body

Everybody knows that our bodies need water to function and survive. But do you know exactly how dehydration affects your body? March’s blog post focused on the importance of staying hydrated and your body's need for water to take care of your muscles and cells. On top of this, you'll also find a list of common signs of dehydration as well as the recommended amount of water you should be consuming every day.

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April 2018: Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy for Early Pregnancy

Preparing your body is an essential step during pregnancy. But what many people don't realize is that it's especially important to focus on preparing your Pelvic Floor muscles. April's blog post focused on the Pelvic Floor muscles and shared many reasons why Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy should be considered during early pregnancy. Inside you'll find an explanation of what your Pelvic Floor muscles are, what they're used for, as well as the benefits of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy.

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May 2018: Does Changing Weather Affect Our Bodies?

It’s an age-old saying that people can tell it’s going to rain because of the pain or discomfort they may be feeling in their muscles and joints. But how accurate is this theory? May's blog post took an in-depth look at this theory and what could be causing the so-called pain or discomfort that seems to occur when it's about to rain. Take a look and find out whether or not there is any science to back this century-old theory up.

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June 2018: Road Trip Wellness 101

June is the official start of Summer. And of course, with Summer comes road trips. Whether they’re to the cottage, campsite or water park, June’s blog post provided some tips for minimizing the lasting effects those countless number of hours spent in the car will have on your body. You’ll find everything from eating tips to roadside stretching inside.

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July 2018: Everything You Need to Know About Hot Stone Massage Therapy

It’s not uncommon for Massage Therapy to be confused with a relaxation massage. For this reason, we focused July’s blog post on everything you need to know about massage therapy— specifically, Hot Stone Massage Therapy. We hoped to dispel the confusion between the two types of massages while also providing an in-depth look at one of our clinic's popular offerings. Check it out for everything from what a hot stone massage is to the benefits of this specific massage practice and what to expect.

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August 2018: The Benefits of Sun Exposure

Nothing beats the warm temperatures and sunshine of summer. But did you know that sunshine is good for you and your well-being? It's true! August's blog post was dedicated to sharing all the benefits of sun exposure. It's also important to note that, sun exposure is only healthy and beneficial if you wear the proper protection and limit the amount of sun you expose yourself to. Too much exposure to the sun can lead to severe medical conditions that are also outlined in August's blog post.

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September 2018: How to Make Fall Less Fall-Inducing

Between the fallen leaves, rain and other seasonal changes, it's easy to see why fall can be somewhat treacherous for people of all ages. But it doesn't have to be. September's blog post provided readers with some tips and tricks for making fall less fall-inducing. These tips are not only beneficial for fall, but also for November and December too as we tend to get little to no snow during these months. Check it out to educate yourself on safe walking techniques and make all times of the year safer.

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October 2018: Why Your Joints and Muscles Might Be Feeling Sore and Stiff

As the temperature continued to drop, we found more and more patients complaining of sore muscles and joints. This led us to create October's blog post. And unlike May's blog post which was designed to shine some light on an age-old theory, October's article shared the proven effects that cold temperatures have on our body. You'll also find some tips for minimizing the impact of cold weather on your body too.

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November 2018: Tips for Winter Hiking

When it comes to winter, there are two types of people: those who prefer to hibernate and those who prefer to spend the months outdoors. For the people who spend their winter outdoors, they may choose to go hiking. But unlike summer hiking, hiking in the winter requires a lot more preparation regardless of how far you plan to go. November’s blog post shared some helpful tips for making winter hiking as safe as possible and ensure you and your fellow companions don’t get lost, hurt or stranded.

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We want to thank you for tuning in to our news section each month, and we hope you've enjoyed reading our articles. We know we've certainly enjoyed writing them. Check back in the new year for more new blog posts every month. And if you have a topic you think we should write about or a question regarding anything discussed in past articles, reach out to us by phone or email.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!