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The Science Behind Dry Needle Acupuncture

October 2019

At Livewell, we practice a Westernized form of acupuncture, called “dry needling.”

Why Do I Get Headaches In The Summer (and How Do I Prevent Them)?

August 2019

Top reasons headaches are more common in summer months and what to do to prevent them.

What Do Your Feet Say About Your Health?

August 2019

As we age our bodies heal more slowly, and become less elastic and able to compensate for small injuries or awkward movements.

Perfecting Your Posture and What It Can Do For Your Health

May 2019

Your posture plays an integral part in your overall health— more than you may even know.

Fire or Ice: The Battle of Two Injury Treatments

April 2019

Much like the Apple vs. Android debate, ice vs. heat when it comes to treating an injury is an equally consuming argument.

Tips for Preventing Golf Injuries

March 2019

Spring is officially here! And that means warmer weather, sunshine and of course, golf season.