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Tips for Preventing Golf Injuries

March 2019

Spring is officially here! And that means warmer weather, sunshine and of course, golf season.

Chiropractic Care and What To Expect

March 2019

Your complete overview of Chiropractic Care, what to expect, a list of symptoms treated by Chiropractic Care and more. Enjoy!

6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Physiotherapy

February 2019

Many people know the basics about Physiotherapy, but both professionals and patients still have a lot to learn about this practice.

Livewell Health & Physiotherapy 2018 News Lookback

December 2018

From the benefits of certain therapy methods to simple tips and tricks, we've covered it all over the last 12 months.

Tips for Winter Hiking

November 2018

Hiking is a common pastime many people enjoy during the warmer months, but it is also a great pastime for the winter months too.

Why Your Muscles and Joints Might be Feeling Sore and Stiff

October 2018

As the temperature continues to drop, many people may experience muscle and joint stiffness or soreness. But why does it happen?