Cassandra Plant


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Cassandra is an enthusiastic and experienced therapist who graduated from OCHT in Stoney Creek. Cassandra has been practicing for the past two years and has developed a very strong patient base due to her attention to treatment and wellness plans. Cassandra focuses on creating individual treatment plans for each patient to ensure they get the most out of their appointments.  Cassandra uses a wealth of different techniques including but not limited to: traditional swedish techniques, trigger point, range of motion, and soft tissue release therapy.

Over the past few years, Cassandra has added many new courses to her education including cupping therapy, pre and post natal massage, and pelvic floor therapy. Cassandra’s focused pelvic floor therapy treatments compliment a patients corresponding physiotherapy to achieve the best results possible. Cassandra’s focus on the external pelvic musculature helps patients with posture, pain, and discomfort. Personal care and an empathetic approach allow Cassandra to make each of her patients feel comfortable and well taken care of.

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