Kitchener Foot Care

Foot Care Services with Livewell Health & Physiotherapy

Although many people do not think about foot care on a day-to-day basis, taking good care of your feet is very important for your overall health. When you think about it, your feet carry you and the rest of your body everywhere. This means that problems with your feet can lead to daily discomfort, pain, and health complications. Proper foot care health ensures that any injuries, cuts, blisters, or any other foot problems are addressed to provide our patients with comfort and pain relief.

Foot Care

Kitchener Foot Care Treatments

At Livewell Health & Physiotherapy, we offer a variety of foot care treatments to help you get back on your feet!

Kitchener Routine and Diabetic Foot Care Visits

We offer full medical pedicures to both of your feet during your visit to our Kitchener clinic. These are “dry pedicures” which means that we don’t soak your feet unless we have to remove a very hard callus (only then will we soak your feet for a maximum of ten minutes). This has been mandated by the College of Nurses and the College of Chiropodists/Podiatrists as a means of proper infection control.

We only use sterile tools during your visit, meaning that each tool is sterilized as per Public Health guidelines and PIDAC (Provincial Infectious Disease Advisory Committee). Your feet will also be disinfected with chlorhexidine prior to care so as to follow the best practices guidelines.

Kitchener Wart Treatment

Our Livewell Health & Physiotherapy Wart treatments include the treatment of 1-3 warts per session. After inspecting the lesions to be removed our clinician will assess whether to uses foam-tipped skin tag removal tweezers, a foam-tipped applicator (for shallow or smaller lesions), or an isolation funnel (for deeper or larger lesions). We will always schedule a follow up appointment one month after removal to assess the area for any further treatment.

Foot Care

Kitchener Skin Tag Removal

We offer skin tag removal sessions on the face, neck, and body only and will include the treatment of 1-3 skin tags per session with foam-tipped tweezers. Your skin tags should fall off approximately one week after treatment and we always book a follow up visit around this time to assess the area for any further treatment.

Kitchener Fungal Nail Treatments – TREATMENT COMING SOON

Using Genesis Health Light (cold laser) and Methylene Blue.

What Do Your Feet Say About Your Health?

As we age our bodies heal more slowly, and become less elastic and able to compensate for small injuries or awkward movements.