Baden Pilates

At Livewell Health and Physiotherapy, our mission is to help you enjoy life more freely by breaking old habits and returning you to pain-free movement. We deliver Pilates centralized around the science between body and mind and aim to teach you about the importance of and difference between working from a Neutral Spine and an Imprinted Spine.


Simply put, a Neutral Spine is when your spine follows its natural curve and an Imprinted Spine is when your spine loses its natural curve.


Throughout your Pilates journey, you will strengthen your core muscles and teach your body to maintain proper alignment. This will involve a comprehensive approach that breaks your muscles down into two groups and focuses on your core, the muscles that move your body as well as your body as a whole.


This comprehensive approach will focus on:

  • Posture
  • Core control
  • Movement of the spine in all four directions (flexion, extension, lateral, rotation)
  • Joint mobility
  • Muscular flexibility

And aside from teaching you optimal movement, Pilates will also:

  • Provide you with a refreshing mind-body workout
  • Help you build long, lean muscles
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Help you develop a strong core
  • Evenly-condition your body
  • Assist you with injury rehab and help prevent future injuries

How to Promote Family Fitness

Here are some suggestion to encourage your family to stay active.