Sarah Scott

R.M.T, C.P.M.T

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Days

Sarah grew up in Wilmot Township and graduated from the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy in 2006, receiving her diploma in Massage Therapy. Over the past nine years, she has been expanding and perfecting her practice in Baden, Ontario. As a Badenite, she has emerged herself in our community, becoming involved in many events and organizations throughout the years.

Recently, Sarah made the trek to Chicago to earn her certification in Pediatric Massage Therapy. Learning from renowned Tina Allen, internationally respected educator, author and expert in the field of infant and pediatric massage, this was a dream come true for Sarah.

Fully understanding the tremendous benefits to be achieved through regular massage therapy treatments; Sarah makes sure she receives one herself every three weeks, practicing what she preaches.

Sarah appreciates and strives for the perfect balance of therapeutic and relaxation, believing that together they make for an ideal massage. She is able to create moments of relaxation, reduce muscle tension and help attain relief from chronic pain. Allow her to become part of your journey to living well.

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