Cassandra Plant


  • Mondays
  • Wednesday through Friday Mornings

Cassandra is an enthusiastic new therapist recently graduated from the Ontario College of Health and Technology in Stoney Creek. Cassandra focuses on creating individualized treatment plans to best suit her patients. Combining a focused assessment with multiple techniques to help release and relax musculature, Cassandra works to ensure each treatment is thorough and effective. Cassandra uses Swedish techniques as well as trigger point therapy, soft tissue release, and range of motion work to provide therapeutic and relaxing treatments. Personal care and an empathetic approach allow Cassandra to make each of her patients feel comfortable and well taken care of.

In her spare time, Cassandra likes music, travel, and hanging out with her best friend Captain Oats the handsome pug.

Please welcome Cassandra to her new career and allow her to create individual treatment plans for you.

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