LiveWell Health & Physiotherapy: About Us

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Our Vision

At LiveWell Health and Physiotherapy, we aim to provide patients the therapy, services and wellness plans to encourage a thriving, healthy, happy life. Our holistic approach to physiotherapy, health and healing helps patients understand how their entire body works in unison and how its functions can be improved.

Our Mission

We will provide patients with health and physiotherapy services from certified professionals in the areas of physiotherapy and physical health. Our work will allow patients to heal from injuries, cope with chronic problems, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Roots of LiveWell Health and Physiotherapy

In 2006, LiveWell Health and Physiotherapy was known as LiveWell Massage Therapy. The one woman operation of Livewell Massage Therapy was run by Registered Massage Therapist, Sarah Scott. In 2010 Sarah moved the RMT clinic to the Baden Village Square in the heart of Baden, and expanded the business to become LiveWell Health and Wellness.

Livewell Health and Physiotherapy is now a multidisciplinary practice. Between 2010 and 2014, Sarah added new practitioners to LiveWell Health and Wellness to better serve the Wilmot community. In 2014, however, Physiotherapist, Greg Heikoop, and Chiropractor, Michael White, took over the business aspects of LiveWell so Sarah could focus on her growing family.

In 2017, Livewell Health and Physiotherapy has also gone through its own expansion, by opening the doors to a second Health and Physiotherapy clinic. The second Livewell Health and Physiotherapy Centre is located in Kitchener, ON and will help patients in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge to build their best selves. The LiveWell Health and Physiotherapy teams look forward to providing both Kitchener and Baden with quality health and wellness solutions for many years to come.

The Team

Massage and BikingThe Health and Physiotherapy teams in both the Baden and Kitchener locations are dynamic and dedicated to their work. While each clinic slightly varies in the services they offer, patients can find quality Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Care, and Pedorthic Care at both locations. Practitioners are able to serve the local communities in Baden and Kitchener by taking their multidisciplinary approaches and working together to diagnose, treat and educate patients on achieving health goals, caring for their chronic conditions, or preventing re-injuries.

The management team assists both LiveWell teams in providing the best holistic patient centred approach to wellness. Practitioners are also constantly learning to improve the services they offer by taking courses and programs to further their skills and education.